Samantha Shields

Samantha Shields

DVM, MVetSci Conservation Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

Dean, Veterinary School



Clinical Nutrition, Ethics and Communication, Aquatic and Conservation Medicine, Director of MARVET Cayman



Associate Professor, Clinical Sciences; Assistant Dean of Students; Director of MARVET Cayman


DVM, St. George’s University, Clinical Year, University of Florida


MVetSci Conservation Medicine, University of Edinburgh


Samantha Shields, DVM, MVetSci Conservation Medicine, has been with St. Matthew’s University School of Veterinary Medicine (SMU SVM) for over a decade.  She has developed and taught a number of courses, and currently teaches the Clinical Nutrition and Ethics and Communication course in addition to being actively involved in the Clinical Skills program at SMU SVM. Her true passion lies in Conservation Medicine and she has completed, with Distinction, a Veterinary Master’s degree in Conservation Medicine from the University of Edinburgh.  She co-founded and currently coordinates and teaches in the MARVET (Marine Veterinary Medicine) program.  This externship offers veterinary students and veterinarians an introductory lecture and hands-on workshop in Marine Conservation Medicine. She has also developed an elective course in Aquatic and Conservation Medicine which will be offered once a year to the senior basic science students. In addition to her teaching duties, Dr. Shields has worked in an administrative role for approximately 10 years as the Assistant Dean of Students.


In addition to her responsibilities at SMU SVM, Dr. Shields is also a member of the Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) Steering Committee and enjoys volunteering with the BIC program. Further, she was formerly President of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN), where she coordinated and managed the annual nutrition symposium and represented AAVN on the Pet Nutrition Alliance Board.  Dr. Shields was chosen by Vet Tech Colleges as one of the top 15 Marine Veterinary Professors in 2014.


Dr. Shields thoroughly enjoys the small class sizes at SMU SVM, which enable her to truly get to know the students and be a part of their veterinary school journey.


Dr. Shields also completed the NOAA Coral Disease Rapid Response Training Health Workshop (CCMI).

- Conservation Medicine

- Small Animal Nutrition

Awarded one of the top 15 marine Veterinary Professors (by Vet Tech Colleges) in 2014

Conservation research interests. In particular with the endangered Blue Iguana. 

Have worked on a Caribbean Reef Shark project in conjunction with Marine Conservation International and the Department of Environment

Co-Founded, Organize, coordinate and lecture in the annual MARVET (Marine Veterinary Medicine) workshop.

As former President of The American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN) I was responsible for organizing and coordinating the annual AAVN symposium two consecutive years.