James O Adekeye

James O Adekeye

D.V.M, MS., Ph.D.

Veterinary Medicine

Professor and Head, Department of Veterinary Basic Sciences

Dr. Adekeye completed his Master of Science degree and his PhD coursework at the Kansas State University, and his DVM and PhD degrees in Ahmadu Bello University. He has been associated with educational organizations worldwide, including: The University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) Department of Pathobiology, Ontario Veterinary College, the Center for Tropical Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh, the Norwegian Veterinary College, the Central Public Health Laboratory in London, the Veterinary Public Health Laboratory at Kansas State University and the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta (CDC), where he trained in epidemiology and health administration.

Dr. Adekeye has taught as a Professor of Microbiology and Epidemiology at other universities prior to coming to St. Matthew’s University. He has over fifty peer reviewed scientific journal publications to his credit and has served as major supervisor for several students at the Master and Ph.D. levels. He has over 100 citations.

Dr. Adekeye has given several Scientific presentations at many national and international conferences in CDC, Canada, Warsaw and Nigeria.

Dr. Adekeye has conducted research alone and in collaboration with colleagues and graduate students on various topics in Microbiology affecting human and animal health. Topics included pathogenicity, epidemiology, virulence, toxigenicity and in vitro/ in vivo anti-microbial susceptibilities on several pathogenic bacteria and fungi. 

- As a microbiologist has strong and diagnostic skills in educational process

- Understanding the critical nature of utilizing educational skills in real world practice like in industry etc

- Adept in Staphylococcal studies and toxinosis

- Competent in the use  of several methods in the isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi agents

- Competent in Microbiology supervision and management

- Has administrative experiences

- Fellow of Canadian Research Council

- Recipient of British Council fellowship

- Visiting Scientist award, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine

- Kansas State /Agency for International Development award

james o adekeye Publications

- Isolation and identification of bacteria and fungi of importance in animal and human diseases

- Immune responses to bacterial pathogens

- Role of bacteria in cancers

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