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St. Matthew’s Alumni Portal Launch

St. Matthew’s launches a new alumni portal to connect graduates into a growing community and continue as a cherished contributor.

St. Matthew’s University proudly introduces its alumni portal to connect graduates worldwide. Developed by GUS Medical and Veterinary Schools, this platform strengthens the alumni network of St. Matthew’s, providing community and opportunities to enrich the alumni experience. St. Matthew’s University graduates will share this platform and forge connections with alumni from sister institutions, including the Medical University of the Americas and Saba University School of Medicine.

“Our alumni at St. Matthew’s continue to excel in medicine, prompting us to celebrate their collective talent. Thus, we’ve created an online hub, ensuring their continual presence as cherished contributors to our dynamic and ever-expanding community. Many of our alumni have accomplished great things and become leaders in healthcare and medicine. Staying connected to them is key to our vision and values”, says Daryl Drozda, Associate Director of Alumni Relations.

Key Features of the Alumni Portal:

  • Alumni Directory
  • Alumni News and Spotlights 
  • Social Events Calendar
  • Career Opportunities
  • Event Invitations

Alumni can register and explore the portal by visiting here.

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